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Globeera's plan

Globeera is an international startup, exploiting successful business ideas where others haven’t yet. Based on the Lean Startup method, we have developed the perfect business template to recognize successful ideas and lead them to success in untouched markets. We are always a step ahead because of our use of lifelong gained knowledge and smart business principles.

Proof of concept

Globeera's first step is determining what successful ideas in leading markets are most likely to create value in European markets.


With an amazing team, the best consultants, our business guideline and scale advantages, we grow the business to success.


When the company has matured, the management will slowly exit or the company will be sold.

Recognize, act, exit

Globeera's focus

Our main focus is introducing the most successful and disruptive American business ideas to the European market. Globeera specializes in Fintech and digital platforms. In these markets, Globeera is most likely to be a step ahead because of the extensive knowledge in these fields among Globeera’s founders.


The expertise we apply is based on thousands of hours of case and theory studied, the founding of more than 10 IT companies combined and consulting startups. We combined all this knowledge into a single business template that serves as our guideline for business success.

Only the best ideas

Globeera's startups are not as delicate as many other companies in the startup scene. This is due to the fact that Globeera uses ideas that already have been proven in other sectors and has an intelligent selecting process.


Because Globeera provides startups with all the needed resources and has in depth knowledge on the how's and why's when it comes to business decisions, business ideas can be scaled quickly, without losing momentum.

Why we flourish

Businesses founded
Business cases studied
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